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Bank Heist

Ever felt the need to steal from a virtual bank? Well now you can! No need to boot up Payday 2 as you can do it directly from in the streamer's Twitch chat. Win or lose you'll be sure to take the bank on with all guns blazing (Role Playing Bank Robbers optional). Get together a bigger crew to take on bigger banks which will also come with lower odds of success. Can you get a crew together to take on the federal reserve?

Note: These are only editable if you have a VIP membership with Deepbot. More information on the features you get with VIP are mentioned here - VIP Features

If you decide to make any changes to these settings, you will need to disable/enable the game via the tick box in the “Mini Games” tab.

If you do change these settings and would like to reset them, you can either refer to the default values listed below or press the “Reset” button to reset them all at once.

* Enabled Checkbox

  • When ticked, the minigame is enabled.

* Cops Cooldown (mins)

  • This is the number of minutes that must pass before starting another heist. Any entries made during the cooldown period will trigger the “Cooldown Entry” message. When the cooldown is over, it triggers the “Cooldown Over” message.
  • Minimum 2 Minutes, Maximum 60 Minutes

* Max Gamble

  • The maximum amount of points a viewer is allowed to wager on a heist. Set this to 0 if you want there to be no limit on how many points they can use.

Entry Messages

  • Entry Cooldown (secs)
    • The number of seconds that viewers have to enter the heist before it begins.
      • Default: 120 seconds (Minimum: 10 seconds and Maximum: 1000 seconds [16 minutes and 40 seconds]).
  • Activation Command
    • The command viewers need to type to join the heist.
      • Default: !bankheist
  • Entry Message
    • The message that is displayed when the first person starts planning a bank heist.
      • Default: @user@ has started planning a bank heist! Looking for a bigger crew for a bigger score. Join in!
  • Max Point Text
    • The message that is displayed when a viewer tries to enter the heist with more points than the maximum allowed.
      • Default: Buy-in top's out at @maxbet@ @pointsname@.
  • Entry Instructions
    • Message that is appended to the end of the Entry Message. Details how viewers enter the bank heist.
      • Default: Type @command@ [x] to enter.
  • Late Entry
    • The message that is displayed when a viewer tries to enter after queuing is closed and the heist is in progress.
      • Default: Sorry @user@, you are too late. The crew is in the middle of a heist. Come back for the next one.
  • Cooldown Entry
    • Message that is displayed when a viewer tries to enter when the minigame cooldown is in effect.
      • Default: The cops are on high alert after the last job, we have to lay low for a bit. Call me again after @timeleft@ minutes
  • Cooldown Over
    • Message that is displayed when viewers can plan enter another bank heist.
      • Default: Looks like the cops have given up the search … the banks are ripe for hitting!

Next Level Entry Message

Each of these messages will trigger when a certain threshold of viewers is reached. This threshold is detailed in the “Game Levels” segment of these settings.

  • Level 2 Default: With this crew, we can now hit the @bankname@. Lets see if we can get a bigger crew to hit the @nextbankname@!
  • Level 3 Default: Oh yeah! With this crew, we can now hit the @bankname@. Lets see if we can get a bigger crew to hit the @nextbankname@!
  • Level 4 Default: Hell yeah! We can now hit the @bankname@. A few more, and we could hit the @nextbankname@!
  • Level 5 Default: Epic crew! We are going to hit the @bankname@ guys! Gear up and get ready to head out.

Game Outcomes

Each of these messages will trigger depending on what the outcome of the bank heist is. The chance of a heist actually succeeding is detailed in the “Payouts” segment of these settings.

  • Start Default: Alright guys, check your guns. We are storming into the @bankname@ through all entrances. Let's get the cash and get out before the cops get here.
  • Single User - Success Default: @user@ executed the heist flawlessly, sneaking into the @bankname@ through the back entrance and looting @winamount@ @pointsname@ from the vault.
  • Single User Fail Default: Local security caught @user@ trying to sneak into the @bankname@ through the back entrance and opened fire.
  • Results Default: The heist payouts are:
  • Success 100% Default: The execution was flawless, in and out before the first cop arrived on scene. The whole crew got away scoring @totalwinamount@ @pointsname@ from the vault.
  • Success 34% - 99% Default: The crew suffered a few losses engaging the local security team. The remaining crew got away scoring @totalwinamount@ @pointsname@ from the vault before backup arrived.
  • Success 1% - 33% Default: The crew suffered major losses as they engaged the SWAT backup. The remaining crew barely made it scoring @totalwinamount@ @pointsname@ from the vault.
  • Success 0% Default: SWAT teams nearby stormed the bank and killed the entire crew. Not a single soul survived…

Game Levels

Each of these options relate to the different banks (levels) that are available for viewers to heist in. To advance to the next bank, a certain number of viewers need to enter. Once this number has been reached, the messages detailed in “Next Level Entry Message” will be displayed in chat to inform everyone.

  • Level 1 Bank Name Default: DeepBot Municipal Bank
  • Level 1 Users (Max) Default: 10
  • Level 2 Bank Name Default: DeepBot City Bank
  • Level 2 Users (Max) Default: 20
  • Level 3 Bank Name Default: DeepBot State Bank
  • Level 3 Users (Max) Default: 30
  • Level 4 Bank Name Default: DeepBot National Reserve
  • Level 4 Users (Max) Default: 40
  • Level 5 Bank Name Default: DeepBot Federal Reserve


Each of these options relate to the % chance of a crew to make it out. The payout multiplier can also be changed here. You can choose to have the payout multiplier be automatically adjusted based on the win % by pressing “Auto compute” next to each of the levels.

  • Level 1 Win % Default: 54%
  • Level 1 Win Payout Multiplier Default: 1.50
  • Level 2 Win % Default: 48.8%
  • Level 2 Win Payout Multiplier Default: 1.70
  • Level 3 Win % Default: 42.5%
  • Level 3 Win Payout Multiplier Default: 2.00
  • Level 4 Win % Default: 38.7%
  • Level 4 Win Payout Multiplier Default: 2.25
  • Level 5 Win % Default: 32.4%
  • Level 5 Win Payout Multiplier Default: 2.75

  • !bankheist <amount>
    • <amount> is the amount of points.
    • !bankheist will be whatever you set the command to be in the settings. (Requires DeepBot VIP)

  • If you are using the default settings, the following table outlines the chance of success for each of the levels. You can raise (or lower) the average chance by simply messing around with the win % for each of the levels.
Bank Name Participants Winning Multiplier Success Rate
DeepBot Municipal Bank <10 1.5 55%-65%
DeepBot City Bank 10-19 1.7 48%-58%
DeepBot State Bank 20-29 2 43%-50%
DeepBot National Bank 30-39 2.25 39%-44%
DeepBot Federal Bank >40 2.75 33%-36%
  • If you want to keep your community currency in check, it is highly recommend to set “Max Gamble” to something other than 0. Setting it to 0 means that there is no upper limit to the amount a viewer can bet.
  • This is an extremely good mini game to have for your stream. Although it's initially a “Bank heist” minigame, you could very easily change it so that you are crafting Christmas presents for the holidays or collecting candy/sweets for Halloween. Go wild and share your bank heist customizations on the Discord server.
  • This minigame is also great for getting chat engaged. It's very easy, much like the arena minigame, to have it run on a timer due to Deepbot's timed command functionality. You should see an increase in chat activity and could turn it into a talking point for your stream. Careful though, you don't want it to completely take over chat as this might turn newer viewers away.
  • As of v0.10.2.1 you can now use custom commands for any of the outputs. You may find this useful if you want, for example, to display an on-screen graphic when the bank heist level has been increased or a sound cue when the heist has been started.