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How to Change/Update your Bot's Name


This guide will show you how to update your bot's name very easily.

1. Go to your dashboard on the Deepbot website. (You may need to login/connect your main Twitch account first.)

  • A. Once you have logged in, click the blue button labeled “My Account”.
  • B. There should be a field that says “Bot” with your current bot account's Twitch username. Click that username.

  • C. Enter the new Twitch username you want to use for the bot. (NOTE: You must own or have access to the credentials for the account pertaining to the username you enter in the field!)
  • D. Click the checkbox to save your changes.
  • E. Restart Deepbot and login with your new bot account's credentials.

2. Congratulations, you changed your bot name!

If you have any issues or problems, please post them on the forums, contact us on Discord, or post it in Streamer Chat on Deepbot.

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