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 ====== Advanced Caster ====== ====== Advanced Caster ======
-Go to other community made custom commands[[user_custom_commands|Link]]\\ +The Advanced Caster command is a version of the typical shoutout command that, as you would expect, posts a link to the channel chat to the named streamer'​s channel. However, this command will also check to see if the named streamer has been in your channel. If not, this command will state that the streamer is invalid. 
-Guide on how to export/import ​commands: ​[[import_and_export_commands|Link]]+ 
 +Want to see more community-made custom commands? Click the following link - [[user_custom_commands|Link]]\\ 
 +Need to know how to import ​this command into your Deepbot? Click the following link - [[import_and_export_commands|Link]]
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 ==== Update History ==== ==== Update History ====
 **1.1.0 (14/​10/​2016):​** Fixed the game API to get the right game. **1.1.0 (14/​10/​2016):​** Fixed the game API to get the right game.
-==== Command Description ==== 
-This command is a shoutout command which also checked to see if the mentioned streamer has been in your channel. If not, it will say that the streamer is invalid. ​ 
 ==== Requirements ==== ==== Requirements ====
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