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 +====== Autohost Raffle ======
 +The Autohost Raffle command will allow your bot to create a raffle that will autohost the winner on your channel. This command was originally created to deal with a query a user had regarding having similar features in the bot to electricalskateboard whom I'm sure we've all seen in our channels.
 +Want to see more community-made custom commands? Click the following link - [[user_custom_commands|Link]]\\
 +Need to know how to import this command into your Deepbot? Click the following link - [[import_and_export_commands|Link]]
 +==== Credits ====
 +Presidante - [[https://​​dante557|Twitch Channel Link - Dante557]]/​[[https://​​dante556|Twitter Link - @dante556]]
 +==== Latest Version ====
 +==== Update History ====
 +No Update History
 +==== Requirements ====
 +VIP Membership - [[getvip|How to Get VIP]]
 +==== Setup ====
 +   - Import the following command into Deepbot - [[https://​​publink/​show?​code=XZ68LQ7Z5DwY2QqtuB84YlqRUAXjg4cI3nXX|Download JSON]]
 +   - Unzip the following folder structure to the "​Custom Logs" folder. - [[https://​​publink/​show?​code=XZu8LQ7ZSc0Ns2TDCpFO4Y4x4rnmCBqWwamV|Download ZIP]] 
 +   - If successful in the previous step you should see a folder called "​AutoHost"​ in your "​Custom Logs" folder.
 +==== Command ====
 +Command that initially needs to be run manually. This is set to run every 15 minutes (900 seconds) automatically once it has been triggered.
 +Command that viewers will use to be entered into the raffle.
 +==== Useful Information ====
 +   * It goes without saying, this command is intended to be used when your stream is OFFLINE. You may wish to disable these commands if they are running before you start your stream up.
 +   * This command is a looping command so will run until you tell it to stop (Either by disabling the commands or closing the bot).
 +   * This command makes use of one of Ian Chandler'​s APIs to check to see if the channel that is picked at random is currently live (You can't host a channel which isn't live). If RNJesus picks 3 entries who are not currently live it will discard the rest of the entries and loop back around to the beginning. You can change the number of attempts by changing the check in !hostwinner
 +   * For this command to work you will need to have connected your streamer account to Deepbot. This is because it makes use of @sendstreamermsg@ to send the host command on a successful pass.
 +   * Be aware that you can host 3 channels in a 30 minute period. You can go as low as 10 minutes (600 seconds) and this command should still work. Any lower than this, however, may cause the command to not work correctly. Default Value: 15 Minutes
 +   * A random ID is created on the generation of each raffle. This ID is used to check to see if a viewer has entered the raffle before. In the extremely rare case (As in, should never happen) that this ID is the same as the previous, viewers who entered the raffle previously will not be able to enter the raffle unless you delete their text files in the "​Users"​ folder.
 +   * Any questions please let me know in the Discord. Although my tests with this command have been successful you may find that issues present themselves which you cannot fix.
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