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Cooldown Per User

The Cooldown Per User command allows for your bot to have cooldown on commands on a per user basis instead of the default global cooldown that is built in the bot. This is done through the use of text files.

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  1. Import the following code into Deepbot: Download Json
  2. Create One Folder inside your Deepbot Folder Custom Logs Folder named “Cooldown”
  3. Rename the command that you want to have the cooldown on to something random. Make a note of this name as you will need this later.
  4. Change the !cooldown command to the previous name of the command that you want the cooldown on.
  5. Put the command name you set in step 3 into the command chaining part of the !cooldownpass command.
  6. Run !setcooldown Cooldown <seconds>, changing <seconds> to the amount of seconds you want the cooldown to be.


!setcooldown <folder in Custom Logs> <Seconds For Cooldown>
Use this command to change the number of seconds that the command has on cooldown
Example Usage
!setcooldown Cooldown 60

Useful Information

  • This command can be added to other commands for a custom cooldown time that applies to each user! You will need to make a folder in custom logs named whatever you want, but replace the Cooldown/@user@.txt in the commands to WhateverYouNamedFolderHere/@user@.txt.
  • You will need to either manually create the limit.txt file and add the number of seconds or run !setcooldown <folder name> <Seconds For Cooldown> as detailed in the command section of this page for the command to work correctly. If you don't do this the command will run no matter how many times the viewer triggers the command.
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