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Death Counter

The Death Counter command is a simple command which adds the functionality to your stream of a counter. This doesn't have to exclusively be used for a death counter but the name of the commands that is included in this heavily suggests that is its only usage.

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  1. Import the following command into Deepbot: Download JSON
  2. In the custom logs folder, create a text file called deathcount.

Command for viewers to see current the current death count.

!adddeath <number>
Adds one death to the death counter if the number is omited. Otherwise adds to the current total the number which is after the command [Mod/Streamer Only]
Example Usage
!adddeath - This will add 1 to the current counter
!adddeath 10 - This will add 10 to the current counter

!setdeath <number>
Sets the counter to the number specified after the command [Mod/Streamer Only]
Example Usage
!setdeath 3 - This will set the counter to 3, regardless of what it currently is.

* You can use the text file that is created with this command to output your death counter on screen to OBS/XSplit if you wish.