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The Giveaway command is a version of the giveaway system that is built into Deepbot but with a few new features. This will check if a user is following the channel and if they have enough points to enter the Giveaway.

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Need to know how to import this command into your Deepbot? Click the following link - Link


Ian Chandler - Twitch Channel Link
JWhite8559 - Twitter Link

Latest Version


Update History

1.2.0 (02/01/2017): Added a number check for the cost of the giveaway.
1.1.0 (14/10/2016): Fixed the open check to see if they entered before.


VIP Membership - How to Get VIP


  1. Import either of the following into Deepbot: Ian Chandler's Version OR JWhite8559's Version
  2. Within the Custom Logs folder where Deepbot is installed create a new folder called Giveaway


Command for viewers to enter the giveaway once it has started

Draws a viewer from the giveaway pool [Mod/Streamer Only]

!giveawayopen [cost] [item]
Initial Command to Start a Giveaway. [Mod/Streamer Only]
Example Usage
!giveawayopen 100 Your Soul

Command to set up the commands files. [Mod/Streamer Only]

Useful Information

  • Did you know a cumulus cloud can weigh up to 1.1 million pounds!?
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