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 +====== Invest ======
 +A simple command for users to be able to store some or all of their points for safe keeping.\\
 +**Please Note: Upon checking the JSON it appears that this is currently not working as of 19/02/2020 (When the command was checked)**
 +Want to see more community-made custom commands? Click the following link - [[user_custom_commands|Link]]\\
 +Need to know how to import this command into your Deepbot? Click the following link - [[import_and_export_commands|Link]]
 +==== Credits ====
 +LuckyLlamaSauce - [[https://​​LuckyLlamaSauce|Twitch Channel Link]]\\
 +Ian Chandler - [[https://​​ianchandler1990|Twitch Channel Link]]
 +==== Latest Version ====
 +==== Update History ====
 +**1.4.0 (01/​01/​2018):​** Removed the number check api to use *@isnumber@*.\\
 +**1.3.0 (30/​06/​2017):​** Added a percentage of currency allowed to be invested!\\
 +**1.2.0 (02/​03/​2017):​** Fixed issue with the users first time using the invest command!\\
 +**1.1.0 (31/​10/​2016):​** Fixed !checkbank to show 0 if not invested yet!
 +==== Requirements ====
 +VIP Membership - [[getvip|How to Get VIP]]
 +==== Setup ====
 +  - Import the following code into Deepbot: [[https://​​bot/​commands/​bank.txt|Download JSON]]
 +  - Create a folder inside your Deepbot folder → Custom Logs folder named **Invest**.
 +  - In the **Invest** folder create another folder called **Percent**. ​
 +  - In the **Invest** folder create a text file called **limit.txt**. In this file put the percentage of currency that is allowed to be invested at once. E.g. for 10% put 10 in the text file.
 +==== Command ====
 +**!invest <​points>​**\\
 +Amount of points that the viewer wants to save/​invest\\
 +**Example Usage**\\
 +!invest 100
 +**!withdraw <​points>​**\\
 +Amount of points to withdrawn from what has been saved/​invested\\
 +**Example Usage**\\
 +!withdraw 100
 +Inform the viewer how much currency has been invested/​saved by themselves.
 +==== Useful Information ====
 +  * Feel free to expand this command further if you like, this is just the base command for what I am planning for in the future.
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