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This command is a custom points giveaway system. The command will check if a user is following and then give points to whoever is drawn

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Ian Chandler - Twitch Channel Link


1.1.0 (01/01/2018): Removed the number check api to use *@isnumber@*

VIP Membership - How to Get VIP

  1. Import the following code into Deepbot: Download JSON
  2. Create a folder inside your Deepbot folder → Custom Logs folder named Loto.
  3. In Twitch Chat send the !lotoreset command to set up the files that are needed.

!lotoopen <points>
Initial command to start a loto giveaway
Example Usage
!lotoopen 100

Draws a viewer that has entered from the giveaway pool

Command used initially to set up the files needed for the loto command.

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