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Make It Rain

This is a fun little command that will rain down currency on the stream. Let your viewers dance the rain dance as currency is shared between them.

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Ian Chandler - Twitch Channel Link


1.2.0 (01/01/2018): Removed the number check api to use *@isnumber@*
1.1.0 (21/11/2016: Fixed it so that it only works if the stream is online also using v5 of the api.

VIP Membership - How to Get VIP

  1. Import the following code into Deepbot: Download JSON
  2. In the !makeitrain_1 command change YOURTWITCHNAME to your channel name

!makeitrain <points>
Rain currency down on your unsuspecting viewers.
Example Usage
!makeitrain 1000

  • No explosions of vaults needed for money to fall from the sky in your stream.