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Deepbot Spinning Wheel

Ian Chandler - Twitch Channel Link


1.0.0 (07/09/2020):uploaded

Want a spinning wheel that will give points or output the winning option into chat well now you can with the new deepbot integration for webpages.

Note 3: This command requires Deepbot VIP Membership in order to function. If you currently aren't a VIP you will need to subscribe. You can subscribe via the following link: Services Page

1. The command you need for this to function can be found at the following link: Wheel Command. Copy the text which is on this page.

2. Import the JSON from the page above into Deepbot by going to your custom commands tab → Right Click → Import Commands. For a full guide on how to import commands you can read here for further information Guide

3. Add the following link to OBS

4. Set width to 450 and height 600, Remove all custom CSS from OBS.

The Wheel will fade once it loads in and when the wheel spins it will fade in.

!spin X - X will be the number 1 2 or 3 for the power of the spin, power 1 will spin the wheel 5 times 2 will spin 10 times and 3 will spin 15 times. If the user does not enter a number it will default to power 2.This will then give then add the amount it lands on as points to the user who runs the command. Cooldown of 120 seconds. Lowest this can be is 30 to allow the wheel to reset fully.

1. Wheel in action

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