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Discord Embed Builder - Going Live Setup


Ever wondered how discord bots like mee6 have stylised links for streamers that have gone live? Notice how it always catches your eye? That's all done by the use of a Discord embed. Now you have the power to do that from Deepbot itself for when you go live!

Note: This feature is currently in testing. You can try this functionality out yourself by downloading the latest Dev Alpha Update to Alpha

Note 2: If you are not live the following will post a demo message instead

Note 3: This command requires Deepbot VIP Membership in order to function. If you currently aren't a VIP you will need to subscribe. You can subscribe via the following link: Services Page

Pre Setup

In order for this to work you will need to create yourself an app on Twitch. If you have already have this skip to Step 4. Otherwise read on!

The reason you need to create an app on Twitch is so you can read data from the Twitch API, which requires you to have a client ID. You can read the following Twitch blog post to find out the reason for this: Client-ID Required For Kraken API Calls

1. Go to Twitch Dev Apps. You will need to authorise the site to use your account. After this it will take you to the main page where you will need to click on “Manage My Apps”.

2. If you already have an app you can make use of this one. Otherwise click on “Register Your Application” and follow the steps it shows

Note: As you are probably going to be running this locally, put http://localhost in the OAuth Redirect URI textbox.

3. After you have registered your application, copy the client-id.

4. Create two text files in the “Custom Logs” folder where you have Deepbot installed. These text files will need to be called client_id.txt and channel_id.txt

5. Paste the client-id you copied earlier into the client_id.txt text file.

6. Next, you will need to get your Twitch channel ID and paste this into the channel_id.txt text file. If you need to find out what your channel ID is you can go to the following website Lookup Info.


1. The command you need for this to function can be found at the following link: Going Live Command. Copy the text which is on this page.

2. Import the JSON from the page above into Deepbot by going to your custom commands tab → Right Click → Import Commands. For a full guide on how to import commands you can read here for further information Guide

3. Go to Master Settings and scroll down to Go Live Broadcast Msg. In the text box put !goinglive.

Now you should be go to go. Whenever Deepbot detects that you have done live it will activate the !goinglive command which will post a fancy message in the discord channel you chose. Happy days!

Note If you would like to edit the discord embed that gets posted or you'd like to learn more about what each thing does, click the following link: Embed Builder Guide


!goinglive - Command will run when the bot detects when you have gone live on twitch, If you need to run this command again you can just type this in discord to trigger it. (Streamer/Bot Only)


In this setup we will use the following information as an example:

Streamer: AusLove (for testing purposes only) | Bot: Sh0tB0t

1. Live message when the user is live:

2. Message if you are testing while you are offline:

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