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This will allow viewers of your stream to trigger custom commands in your Discord channel.

Streamer: MyStreamTeam | Bot: StreamTeam_Bot | Viewer: StreamTeam_Joe

1. Go the the following LINK and select “New Application”

2. Enter the following information:

  • “App Name” (Bot Name)
  • “App Description” (Anything)
  • “App Icon” (optional)

Then press “Create Application”

3. Press “Create a Bot User” and “Yes, do it!”

4. Click to reveal your bots Client/Application ID and token. You will need to make a note of these.

(In our example)

Client/Application ID: 181923938748596224

Token: MTgxOTI4MDQyMzE3MjE3Nzkz.Chv8Jw.QpjXhUx1PmTVkceeye_jSlrgu8I

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