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Discord Integration - Initial Setup

This will allow viewers of your stream to trigger custom commands in your Discord channel.

Streamer: MyStreamTeam | Bot: StreamTeam_Bot | Viewer: StreamTeam_Joe

1. Go the the following LINK and select “New Application”

2. Enter the following information:

  • A. “App Name” (Bot Name)
  • B. “App Description” (Anything)
  • C. “App Icon” (optional)

Then press “Create Application”

  • D. Press “Create a Bot User” and “Yes, do it!”

3. Click to reveal your bots Client/Application ID and token. You will need to make a note of these.

(In our example)

Client/Application ID: 181923938748596224

Token: MTgxOTI4MDQyMzE3MjE3Nzkz.Chv8Jw.QpjXhUx1PmTVkceeye_jSlrgu8I

4. Now we have the required information, navigate to your DeepBot application.

  • A. In “Master Setting > General” Scroll to the bottom and find the section named “Discord Connection”.
  • B. Copy the “Client/Application ID” and “Token” into the corresponding boxes.
  • C. Press the “Connect” button to verify you entered the token correctly and the box should become green.

  • D. Hit “Join Server” and you should be redirected to your browser.
  • E. Select the server you want your bot to join using the dropdown and hit “Authorize”.

  • F. Back in DeepBot, press “Refresh Status” and see your Discord server name appears.

5. In the box labeled “Monitor Channels” enter the channel you wish your bot to monitor for command triggers.

(To add multiple channel separate with a “,” e.g. streamteam_bot, general, welcome, staff)

(Also now change any other settings you now wish to. You can always return later)

You can how press “Save” on the Master Settings and continue to the next guide HERE

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