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   * [[image_only_widget|Image Only Widget]]   * [[image_only_widget|Image Only Widget]]
   * [[obs_studio_remote|OBS Studio Remote]]   * [[obs_studio_remote|OBS Studio Remote]]
 +  * [[streamlabs_obs_remote|Streamlabs OBS Remote]]
   * [[paypal_ipn_utf-8|Paypal UTF-8 Coding]]   * [[paypal_ipn_utf-8|Paypal UTF-8 Coding]]
   * [[restore_deepbot_from_a_backup|Restore Deepbot From a Backup]]   * [[restore_deepbot_from_a_backup|Restore Deepbot From a Backup]]
-  * [[twitchalerts_integration|Twitch ​Alerts and Deepbot]]+  * [[streamlabs_integration|Streamlabs ​Alerts and Deepbot]]
   * [[two_pc_setup|Two-PC Setup]]   * [[two_pc_setup|Two-PC Setup]]
   * [[widgets#​main_page|OBS (Classic/​Studio)/​xSplit Notifications Setup]]   * [[widgets#​main_page|OBS (Classic/​Studio)/​xSplit Notifications Setup]]
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