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Steam Store Price Api

This command will allow you to find out the current price (including current discounts) or when a game is going to be released from the steam Game ID that is provided to it. This command also allows for Discord and Twitch messages to be displayed. Examples are in the two screenshots below.

Due to the nature of the command this command requiring the game ID of a game on steam this is best used in conjuction with another command. Example below.

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Ian Chandler - Twitch Channel Link


1.0.1 ((27h July 2019): Removed the user Picture in discord widget (Twitch api key was required plus needs to be moved to new twitch api). To update just download the Command Json text and import the cmds again to update.

VIP Membership - How to Get VIP

  • 1. Download and import the commands into your bot Download Command Json
  • 2. Download and import the Alias commands which are used with thisDownload Alias Json
  • 3. run the !SteamInstall Command to create the text files needed for this command to function. This will create a text file called Steamprices.txt which you can edit to the currency you want to use.
  • !steamgame <Game ID on Steam> - This is the command that you'll need to use in order for it to display the information from Steam. For example, if you use !steamgame 271590 it will return the information for Grand Theft Auto 5.
  • !steaminstall - The initial command you want to use in order to create the files that are required for this command to function. You can safely delete this command after you have run it for the first time
  • As with all custom commands you can create alias commands which will call the information that you need. E.g. !gta with the message output !steamgame 271590 to give you information for GTA5