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Stream Interaction

This section of DeepBot will allow your to interact with your viewers via Twitch chat. This currently includes betting, minigames, polling, viewer queues and quotes.


The biggest difference between a perfect real world bookie and this system is that the bet odds for viewers change even after they place a bet. This is not always fair to the betters but is the only way to perfectly square the bets between all the options.

  • 1a. Actions - This is where you will start and stop/reset betting.
  • 1b. Profiles - Here you can load, save and delete profiles.

  • 2. Summary - Once betting has started, you will be able to see statistics of the current betting.
  • 3. Betting on - This is where you will put what your viewers will be betting on.
  • 4. Timer - This is where you can set how much time viewers have to place their bets until all betting is automatically closed.
  • 5. Min/Max Bet - You can set a minimum and a maximum amount of points to bet.
  • 6. House Cut - This is the % the house (the bot) takes from all winnings. This is used to drain a stream's economy.
  • 7. Multi-Betting - Allow your viewers to bet on more than one option.
  • 8. Bets - This is where you can set the betting options for your viewers and see how much has been bet on each option.

User Commands:

  • !bets [x] [y] : When betting pools are open, it enters your bet of [x] points on option [y] (e.g. !bets 100 2).
  • !betting help : Command to show users status of current betting pool.

Mod/Streamer Commands:

  • !betting start <maxbets> <housecut> <betting_on> <option1> <option2> : Starts betting. (e.g. !betting start 100 0 This_is_a_test_bet yes no maybe ) [Use _ for space in text]
  • !betting close : Closes betting.
  • !betting cancel : Cancels betting.
  • !betting winoption [x] : Selects the winning option, where [x] is the winning option. (e.g. !betting winoption 2)
  • The main objective of the betting system in DeepBot is to keep adjusting payout odds based on bets coming in so that the payout will reflect how loaded a certain option is.
  • At no point in time would an option payout more points that entered in the betting pool (i.e. the house does not issue new points).
  • The odds change in real-time for all bets (future and past).
  • A user can remove their bet by typing !bets 0 <option> for the same option they originally entered for.
  • If a user enters a bet on a different option, it is recorded as a new bet on that option and the old bet is still valid. Yes - this supports multi-betting per user.

Mini Games

Mini-Games are a collection of chat games that your viewers can play among themselves in an effort to get some stream currency. There are a number of ones included with Deepbot but there are a number of user created games that are available for you to try. They can all be found here.

Current Mini-Games Available:

Stream Poll

You can allow viewers to vote for an option in your stream.

  • 1a. Actions - This is where you will start and stop/reset a poll.
  • 1b. Profiles - Here you can load, save and delete profiles.

  • 2. Title - What the poll is asking viewers to vote for.
  • 3a. Vote Cost - Allows you set how many points each vote costs.
  • 3b. Target Win Votes - Allows you to set how many votes are needed for an option to win.
  • 4. Target Total Votes - Allow you to set how many total votes the poll can have overall.
  • 5. Allow Switching Votes - Allows users to switch votes.
  • 6. Max Votes Per Viewer - Allows you to set how many times a viewer can vote.
  • 7. Allow Multiple Votes - Allows viewers to vote for as many options that are set until Max Votes per Viewer limit is hit.
  • 8. Timer - The Timer allows you to set when the poll will automatically close.
  • 9. Poll Options - These are the options that the viewers can vote for.

User Commands:

  • !poll help : Displays the current poll options.
  • !vote [x] [y] : Vote for an option in a running poll. [x] is the option you want to vote for and [y] is an optional input for the number of votes (if multiple voting is allowed).
  • If you want to save a preset, or create a profile, to be used in future polls, adjust the poll's settings to your liking. Once you have done that, click the Pencil icon next to the “Start” button and click “Save Current”.
  • The maximum amount of time that can be set for the timer is 23:59:59.

Viewer Queues

Allow viewers to join a queue for events such as parties, game runs, and viewer-requested levels.

  • 1. Queue 1/2 - From here, you can see both queues names, how many people are in each queue, if a queue is closed or open, as well as draw a viewer from a queue.
  • 2a. Create - You can create each queue here.
  • 2b. Reset - You can reset each queue here.
  • 3. Queue Keyword - You can set the command to allow viewers to enter a queue.
  • 4. Queue Title - Set the title of the queue to be put in the message when you create or reset a queue.
  • 5. Entry Restrictions - You can make your queues only allow certain user groups into the queue.
  • 6. Entry Cost - Set how many points it will take when a viewer enters the queue.
  • 7. Max Length - Restrict the number of viewers that can enter a queue. (Note: Value must be greater than 0.)
  • 8. On Draw - This is how the bot will inform the viewer they have been drawn as well as how much time they were in queue. (Activates when you click “Draw Viewer”)
  • 9. Queue Info - This will show the list of viewers that entered the queue in chronological order and displays their position in the queue, their username, the amount of time they have been in the queue, and a note they have added.

User Commands:

  • !<queuename> : Allows viewers to join a queue.
  • !<queuename> leave : Allows viewers to leave a queue.
  • !<queuename> <message> : A command for viewers to update their queue note.

Mod/Streamer Commands:

  • None.
  • You cannot create a queue with the Max Length set to 0.
  • You can have two queues going at the same time. (This is good for viewers who may have donated or subscribed to you since they can have their own queue.)
  • Users can check their queue position and how long they have waited by typing !<QueueNameHere> if they are already in a queue.
  • When you draw a viewer, it will display their note and any of the info sections filled out in the user's profile. (User Database Tab > Right Click User > Edit User > Bottom Sections Label Info 1, 2, and 3.)


Allows users to display/add/delete quotes.
Note: You will need to setup permissions in the Quotes tab after enabling the Quote System. The Streamer is considered a Mod in the permissions.

  • 1. Enable Quote System - You must have this checked in order to use the Quote System.
  • 2. Selection - Click “All” to select all or “None” deselect all quotes in the database.
  • 3a. Add New - This will allow you to add a new quote.
  • 3b. Edit - This will allow you to edit a quote.
  • 3c. Delete - This will allow you to delete a quote.
  • 4. Permissions - These are the settings for the costs of requesting, adding and deleting quotes.

  • 5. Reset IDs - This will reset all of the quote IDs back into the correct numerical order. This is useful if you have removed any quotes in the past.
  • 6. Spam Cooldown - The length of time that must pass before the !quote command can be used again.
  • 7. This is where all of your saved quotes will be shown.

User Commands:

  • !quote <optional ID> : Displays a quote from the database.
  • !addquote <name> <quote> : Adds a quote to the database.
  • !delquote <ID> : Deletes a quote from the database.

Each of these commands can be enabled or disabled for different user classes.

  • If you have deleted any quotes and want to reset the numbers, press the “Reset” button near the top.