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StreamLabs Integration


This will allow to use StreamLabs with Deepbot. Deepbot will send notifications when someone donates through StreamLabs and you can reward the viewer with VIP/Points/etc.


1. Navigate to your DeepBot application.

  • A. Go to Config Tab.
  • B. Click on “Master Settings > Integrations (Tab on the left)”, find the section named “Twitch Alerts”.
  • C. Click on the Connect Button.

2. On the StreamLabs pop-up, login to your Twitch Account.

  • A. Once logged in, Deepbot will need permissions. Click the green button labeled “Accept”.
  • B. Now that DeepBot is connected to StreamLabs, click “Save” in the Master Settings window.

3. You can now setup donation notification options in the Config tab under “Donation Notification Options”.

  • A. Click on the icon to set up donation notification settings.

4. Congratulations! You have connected StreamLabs to DeepBot!

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