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How To Update To The Alpha Build

Important: It is always important to make sure you backup your deepbot data before trying the alpha updates!

This is 3 steps on how to update to the alpha build!

Step 1
Back up all data from the Deepbot main directory. Well to do this go to where you have deepbot installed by default, it can be found at C:/DeepBot - Twitch Streamer Assistant

Step 2
Copy data, custom logs & playlists folder to another folder or a usb stick!

Now that you have the files backed up now we can update the bot!

Step 3
Update the bot to the newest alpha build by running the DBUpdater.exe file from the first folder we worked in!

Make sure you tick Latest Dev Alpha then Click the Yes button if you are sure you would like to do this then click update!

Then finaly you can click Start Deepbot to restart the bot!