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Community Made Commands

Important: Community-Made commands are, as the name suggests, made by the community and are NOT officially supported by Deepbot. Where we can we have left a link to the creators Twitter/Discord/Whatever to contact in case you find any issues/bugs. Failing that, ask in our Discord server.

When you think Deepbot the one thing that should spring to mind is our powerful custom command editor. With the usage of the in-built custom command variables (Listed on the following page - Custom Command Variables) and Custom command chaining (Part of our VIP Subscription. The features of this can be found here - VIP Features) you can create what you have your mind set on. These can range from fun commands or commands that add new functionality for your viewers.

The real power of Deepbot, though, is our community. Below you will find links to custom commands that we at Deepbot have created in our spare time as well as commands that have been created by the community. Below you will find such commands like “Made it rain” (Shower your chat with your currency) and “Cooldown Per User” (Adds the ability for commands to have a cooldown to the individual viewers, not a global cooldown like is included by default in Deepbot).

Have a command that you are proud of? Let us know! We can add it to the wiki to be used by all of our users that wish to use it. You can get in contact with us via our Twitter Account @deepbotsupport or our Discord Server

Any requirements, such as having a current Deepbot VIP Subscription, will also be listed in the commands page so that you can make an informed decision as to if you can add the command to your Deepbot or not

List Last Updated 19th February 2020
Update Notes All commands that were previously on this page have now been moved to their own wiki pages for consistancy. Should you wish to add a new command to this list please let us know.

Guide on Importing Commands: How to Import Commands Guide on Importing Alias: Importing/Exporting Alias

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