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 ==== Custom Command Variables ==== ==== Custom Command Variables ====
- +The list of VIP exclusive variables, along with other variables that you can use in your custom commandscan be found here: [[​vip-exclusive_command_variables|VIP Exclusive ​Command Variables]]
-Below is the list of VIP command ​variables that you can use to customize ​your stream even further! +
- +
-^ Variable ^ Info ^ +
-| @calc@[op%%|%%num1%%|%%num2] ​     | Use operators to calculate mathematical equations. Available operations (+,-,*,/). E.g. \\ @calc@[+%%|%%5%%|%%4] | +
-| @ctrt@[TweetID] ​    | Click to Retweet. E.g. \\ Support the stream by retweeting! @ctrt@[658476806278881281] | +
-| @ctt@[Message] ​    | Click to Tweet. E.g. \\ Support the stream by tweeting! @ctt@[Check out expertsonline @​expertsonline playing @game@] | +
-| @customjsonapi@[url,​field] | Custom API support to get parts of a JSON object. E.g. \\ Title for @target@[1] is @customjsonapi@[https://​​channels/​@target@[1],​status] | +
-| @datetime@[format] ​     | Formatted date/time output. What can be used as the format can be found on https://​​en-us/​library/​8kb3ddd4(v=vs.110).aspx ​| +
-| @editpoints@[username%%|%%points] ​     | Silently edits users' points in chat. Only runs with **User (Elevated Access)** selected on the custom command editor screen. E.g. \\ @editpoints@[@user@%%|%%10] | +
-| @exec@[Seconds,​Command]      | Chain one or more commands from a single command. E.g. \\ @exec@[5,​!bot] | +
-| @followdate@ ​     | Displays the date the user followed the channel. | +
-| @if@[data%%|%%%%|%%matchWith%%|%%%%|%%matchedResult] \\ @if@[data%%|%%%%|%%matchWith%%|%%%%|%%matchedResult%%|%%%%|%%FailResult] \\ @if@[operator%%|%%%%|%%value1%%|%%%%|%%value2%%|%%%%|%%success%%|%%%%|%%fail] ​     | Allows you to run an if statement in your command. Supported operators: >, >=, <, <= E.g. \\ @if@[>​%%|%%%%|%%1%%|%%%%|%%2%%|%%%%|%%1 is greater than 2%%|%%%%|%%2 is greater than 1] will output "2 is greater than 1". |  +
-| @isonline@[user] ​     | For checking if the user is currently in chat. Recommend use of this variable is **@isonline@[@target@]** | +
-| @last5follows@ ​     | Displays the last 5 users who followed the stream. (Also works for timed messages) | +
-| @last10follows@ ​     | Displays the last 10 users who followed the stream. (Also works for timed messages) | +
-| @lookupinfo@[var,​user] ​     | Displays info of a user. (Requires variable names to start with l_). Variables ​that can be used are \\ @l_btag@ = Show the battle tag for the user (if set). \\ @l_followdate@ = Displays the date the user followed the channel. \\ @l_hours@ = Total number of hours the user has been watching the stream. \\ @l_lastseen@ = Shows when the user was last seen talking in the channel. @lookupinfo@[@l_lastseen@,​expertsonline\\ @l_points@ = Displays the user's points. | +
-| @rand@[min%%|%%max\\ @rand@[min%%|%%max%%|%%unique] ​     | Generates a random number between the minimum and maximum numbers specified. This will always be the same number unless you use the unique variant of this. E.g. \\ \\ @rand@[1%%|%%10] @rand@[1%%|%%10] will produce the same number both times while @rand@[1%%|%%10%%|%%unique] @rand@[1%%|%%10%%|%%unique] will very rarely give you the same number both times, range depending | +
-| @readfile@[Path to text file] \\ @readfile@[lineNumber,​Path to text file]     | Reads a line from an existing file. Alternatively,​ specifies a line to read from an existing file. "​l"​ can be used to read whatever the last line is. E.g. \\ @readfile@[l,​captainslog.txt] will read the last line in the text file. | +
-| @replace@[String/​Variable%%|%%To Replace%%|%%To Replace With]      | Searches a string or variable and performs a find/​replace operation on it. e.g. \\ \\ @replace@[@target@%%|%%@%%|%%] will search the @target@ variable for any @ symbols. If it finds any it will remove them from the text and replace them with nothing (blank). Good example of making use of @replace@ would be to prepare a string for a URL or replacing a shorthand notation with the full version of it (@replace@[@target@%%|%%it'​s%%|%%it is] for example) | +
-| @savefile@[Path to text file,Line of Text to Add]      | Overwrites existing file with new data. By default if you only give a name of a text file "​deathcounter.txt"​ for example, this will save to the "​Custom Logs" folder where Deepbot is installed E.g.  \\ @savefile@[deathcounter.txt,​The death counter is now at @counter@] | +
-| @savelog@[Path to text file, Line of Text to Add]      | Adds new line to existing file. If the file doesn'​t already exist it will create it instead. E.g. \\ @savelog@[followers.txt,​@target@ has followed the channel!] | +
-| @sendstreamermsg@[Message] ​     | Allows the bot to send messages on behalf of the streamer. | +
-| @sound@[delay in seconds,​Path to wav/mp3 file]      | Play a specified wav/mp3 file after a specified delay. | +
-| @steam@[SteamCommunityID] ​     | Displays Steam ID and the game that person is currently playing. E.g. \\ @steam@[expertsonline] (This goes off your Steam ID, so just use the last part after id/. E.g. http://​​id/​expertsonline) +
-| @subs@ ​     | Displays the total number of users subscribed to the channel. (This only works for partnered Twitch channels.) +
-| @tts@[Message] ​     | Uses the TTS voice set in Master Settings to read out a message. E.g. \\ @tts@[Hello,​ from expertsonline] | +
-| @unixtime@ ​     | Numeric time for use in @if@ statements. This is the number of seconds that have passed since January 1 1970 | +
-| @userinfo1@[username] \\ @userinfo2@[username] \\ @userinfo3@[username] ​     | Display info that has been set for the user in the user database E.g. \\ @userinfo1@[@user@] | +
-| @weather@[city,​ country code]      | Checks the weather in any part of the world. Country codes can be found at http://​​sample/​ E.g. \\ @weather@[Rome,​ 00197] or @weather@[@target@[1],​ @target@[2]] |+
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