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Voice Attack and Deepbot


This guide will show you how to use VoiceAttack with Deepbot to run commands by voice or hotkeys! VoiceAttack offers a 21-day free trial and it costs $8 to use forever.

This guide is meant for VoiceAttack only, but there are other programs that can do the same thing.


1. Grabbing your unique API key from Deepbot.

  • A. With Deepbot open, go to the Config tab.
  • B. Click on Master Settings (located near the top right).
  • C. On the General tab, scroll down to API Secret.
  • D. Copy your API key. (Note: All API keys are different.)

2. Setting up CommandCLI.exe.config. (It is usually located in C:\DeepBot - Twitch Streamer Assistant)

  • A. Find CommandCLI.exe.config. It should be a config/text file.
  • B. Right-click the config file and choose “Open with”. Select Notepad from the list of programs.
  • C. Paste your API key where it says “Enter API Key here!”


  • D. If you have a dual-PC setup for streaming, copy the IP address of the PC with Deepbot installed and paste it above the API Key, where it says “”.
    • You will need to copy CommandCLI.exe and CommandCLI.exe.config over to your streaming PC with VoiceAttack on it.

3. Configuring VoiceAttack with Deepbot for the first time.

  • A. When you first launch VoiceAttack, you will want to do voice recognition on your computer so that your computer learns your voice. This may take about 5-15 minutes and can be done by going to Control Panel > Ease of Access > Speech Recognition.
  • B. Once VoiceAttack is open, click on the person with a pencil over them, above My Profile, then add command.


  • C. It is highly recommended to set up a “Start/Stop Listening” command so that you don't run other commands by accident.
    • Click “New Command”.
    • When you say “Listen”, VoiceAttack will start listening to anything you say.
    • Click the “Other” box (located about halfway down) > “VoiceAttack Action” > “Make VoiceAttack Start Listening”.
    • Repeat this process for “Make VoiceAttack Stop Listening”.

4. Setting up a command.

  • A. Select “New Command”.
  • B. Type “Run Arena” in the “When I Say” box.
  • C. Click the box labeled “Other” about halfway down.
  • D. Hover over “Windows” > “Run an Application”
  • E. Click the “…” button. Browse and find “CommandCLI.exe” (C:\DeepBot - Twitch Streamer Assistant\CommandCLI.exe).
  • F. Type the Deepbot command you wish to add into the box labeled “With these parameters”.
  • G. Click “OK”.
  • H. Click “Done” from the command list box.
  • I. Test the command!
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