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-====== Welcome ​to the DeepBot Wiki ======+====== Welcome ​To The DeepBot Wiki ======
-We are working on building up content here.+{{:​wiki:​home.jpg|}}
-If you don't find your answer(s) here, post your question(s) on the forums and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.+Welcome ​to the Deepbot Wiki! 
 +We hope that the information contained within this wiki will help you in mastering Deepbot and using it to its fullest.
 +If you find any problems (Links/​Errors/​Etc) or missing information,​ please report them to one of the staff members. You can find the staff members that are currently on the Deepbot project at the following page - [[https://​​team|Deepbot Team]].
 +If you don't find your answer(s) here please feel free to join our Discord server found at the following link - [[https://​|Deepbot Discord]] or Tweet at us at [[https://​​DeepbotSupport|@deepbotsupport]]. On the Discord server you will find other Deepbot users who can help support and share ideas with along with the support staff who can assist with any queries. ​
 +Alternatively,​ please use the help tool which appears when you are are the main Deepbot website. This gives you the ability to leave a message with your query which will be picked up by one of the team. We also have an archive of old questions that have been answered on our forums [[https://​​forums/​|Forums (Please note, this is an archive)]]. ​
 +No matter which method you choose we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.
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