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 {{:​wiki:​home.jpg|}} {{:​wiki:​home.jpg|}}
-**Note:** We are working on building up content here.+Welcome to the Wiki of Deepbot. Here you will find useful guides and information to help you make use of Deepbot to the fullest.
-If you find any problems (Links/​Errors/​Etc),​ please report them to one of the staff members.+If you find any problems (Links/​Errors/​Etc) ​or missing information, please report them to one of the staff members.
-If you don't find your answer(s) here, post your question(s) on the forumsjoin our discord, or ask in the streamer ​chat and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.+If you don't find your answer(s) here, check the [[https://​​forums/|Forums]]. If you still cannot find the answer please ​join our [[|Discord]]send a tweet our way [[https://​​DeepbotSupport|@deepbotsupport]] ​or post your question on our live chat functionality on the website. 
 +We will reach out to you as soon as possible.
 __**Useful Links**__ __**Useful Links**__
-  *[[http://​​|Homepage]] +  *[[https://​​|Homepage]] 
-  *[[http://​​forums/​|Forums]] +  *[[https://​​services|Buy Beta License/​Extend VIP]] 
-  *[[|Buy Beta License/​Extend VIP]] +  *[[https://​​forums/​|Forums]] 
-  *[[http://​|Discord]] +  *[[|Twitter: @deepbotsupport]] 
-  +  *[[https://​|Discord]]
- +
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