How to make a Client ID for Custom API URLs

This guide will show you how to make and use your client ID in order to use Custom APIs that refer to

1. Register your application on the Connections Page in your Twitch settings.

  • A. Scroll all the way down and Click Register an Application Button.

2. You will fill out all the required fields (Check the Image down below for an example which you can use).

  • A. For “Your Application Name” you can put in anything you want.
  • B. For “Redirect URI” use “http://localhost” (Without “ of course)
  • C. For “Application Category” select “Website Integration”
  • D. Check the Box under “Accept Terms”
  • E. Click “Register”

3. You will now see your Client ID after clicking “Register”

  • Note: The client ID in the image below, will not work if you try to use it. Half of it has been erased.

4. Now you will add your client ID to URLs that need it. Example: @customjsonapi@[[1]?client_id=r979ov3qw7084,game] (Do note this link will not work since the Client_ID is not the real one.)

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