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Fortune Cookie

The fortune cookie command will gives the viewer that triggers the command their fortune for the day.

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  1. Import the following code into Deepbot - Download Json
  2. Within the Custom Logs folder where Deepbot is installed create a new folder called Fortune
  3. Within the Fortune folder create a new txt file called limit.txt.
  4. Change the number contained in limit.txt to the number of seconds that you want the cooldown to be. Recommended: 21600 (6 hours)
  5. Save the following text file in the Fortune folder. This is the text file that will be used for generating the viewer's fortune - Download Txt

Command for viewers to get their fortune for the day.

  • You can add or remove fortunes that are given to the viewer by editing the fortunecookie.txt file.
  • This command makes use of another custom command which you can make use of. If you wish to learn more about this custom command please clink the following link - Cooldown Per User
  • If you require a German translation of the fortunecookie text file instead replace the contents of the text file with what is contained in the following link - German Translation
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