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-Placeholder+====== Redemption ====== 
 +This command will allow you to have a rank-up system, making use of the VIP system within Deepbot. 
 +Want to see more community-made custom commands? Click the following link - [[user_custom_commands|Link]]\\ 
 +Need to know how to import this command into your Deepbot? Click the following link - [[import_and_export_commands|Link]] 
 +==== Credits ==== 
 +MissLorzz - [[|Twitch Channel Link]]\\ 
 +Ian Chandler - [[|Twitch Channel Link]] 
 +==== Latest Version ==== 
 +==== Update History ==== 
 +**1.1.0 (21/10/2016):** Fixed so that if you put a perk that does not exist it will tell you. 
 +==== Requirements ==== 
 +VIP Membership - [[getvip|How to Get VIP]] 
 +==== Setup ==== 
 +  - Import the following code into Deepbot: [[|Download JSON]] 
 +  - Create a new folder in Deepbot Folder **->** Custom Logs called **Redeem** 
 +  - Create three new folders in **Redeem** called **Perk**, **Cost**, and **Unfulfilled**. 
 +  - Create however many text files you need for each perk/item inside the **Perk** and **Cost** folders.  
 +  - Ensure that each of these text files are saved with numbers. For example **1.txt**, **2.txt**, **3.txt**, etc. 
 +  - In the text files within the **Perk** folder put the name of the perk/item in the file. 
 +  - In the text files within the **Cost** folder put the amount of points that each perk/item will file. 
 +==== Commands ==== 
 +**!redeem <Perk/Item Number>**\\ 
 +Initial command for viewers to use to purchase a perk/item\\ 
 +**Example Usage**\\ 
 +!redeem 1 
 +==== Useful Information ==== 
 +  * Each numbered text file matches. For example **1.txt** in the **Perk** folder will match directly with **1.txt** in the **Cost** folder. 
 +  * The **Unfulfilled** folder will contain all the perks that the viewer has purchased. It is best to check in this folder often or set up an alert for any changes to the folder using software like [[|Directory Monitor]].
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