Please Note: All APIs mentioned here are community driven and are NOT offically supported the Deepbot team. If you require support with regards to this the first port of call should be the creator/maintainer of the API.

This page is current under restructuring to allow the page to be easier to read and navigate. Adding tables and headings to allow this page to be more user friendly and descriptive. Please bare with us over the coming weeks while we make this change. Some wording and sentences may also not make sense due to these changes

APIs (Application Program Interface) are a great way to add some additional functionality to Deepbot. For example, you could use an API to retrieve the latest Tweet that you have sent from Twitter or the latest Youtube video from your favourite creator. These are usable in Deepbot through @customapi@ or, for certain APIs that return JSON formatted pages, the VIP exclusive variable @customjsonapi@.

Have an API that we have not mentioned here that you would like to see mentioned? Let us know on our Discord server and we will look to adding a link to the API in question as soon as possible.

You can read more about features that are exclusive to the Deepbot VIP subscription here: VIP Features You can read more about @customapi@ and other variables usable in commands here: Custom Command Variables] Missing a API you would like to see? Give me a message on [[|Discord and ill have a look into adding one!

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