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How to Customize your Donation Page


In this guide, I will show you how to customize your donation page with Deepbot. This is still in Beta, meaning there may be bugs and it may not work correctly. Make sure to report any issues you have.

Example(s): ||


1. Go Here and click on “Connect with Twitch” at the top right. (Note: If you are already logged in, move onto Step 2.)

2. After logging in, you will go Here. Or you can click your name at the top right > Select “My Account”.

  • A. Click on “Tipping Page” at the top.
  • B. From this page you will be able to customize your donation page. Note: Your donation link is near the top.

3. Now to explain all the settings below the styles. Be sure to check both images below to see what I mean by each setting.

  • A. Description - Pretty Self Explanatory. Basically setup the message part of the donation page (Check the Two Images below for my settings for my page.)
  • B. Title - Basically the Title right above the Description
  • C. Background Color - If you are not using a background image, it will use these colors as a background.
  • D. Leader Board - You can select if you want a leader board for donations. Available Options: No, Yes - Last 30 Days, Yes - Current Month.
  • E. Currency - Select which currency you want the donations to be made in.
  • F. Paypal Email - Make sure you put your paypal email here so the donations go the paypal email you listed.
  • G. Banner - Set a Banner above the title, like mine with my logo in it.
  • H. Background - If you want to use a customize background, you can set it here.
  • I. Payment Type - Set how you want to word your donations. Available Options: Donations, Gift, Tips, Contributions
  • J. Minimum - Set a minimum amount they can donate. I recommend leaving this at 1.
  • K. Logo - Put a Small Logo next to the Title. Do note it is a circle, and will crop out anything that is not in the circle.
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