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With your VIP Stream subscription to Deepbot you also get access to a donation/tipping page where you can accept viewer's generous gestures to compensate you for your entertainment for the evening. This can be customised to give more of an impression with your brand.

Note: While we do not charge any additional fees for making use of this service please note that all donations/tips received will have a fee applied to them from PayPal's side.

1. Go and click on “Connect with Twitch” at the top right.

  • Note: If you are already logged in, move onto Step 2

2. After logging in, go to Alternatively, you can access the same page by clicking your username in the top right corner then selecting “My Tipping Page”.

From this page you can then customise how your donation/tipping page looks. You can add a background, logo and a banner as an example. You can also adjust some of the text which appears on the screen. For further details on what each of these options do, please refer to the notes section of this guide.

The link to your page can also be found here as well.

An example of what a page can look like can be found below (Click the 2nd image below to see it all in motion).

Below are the various different options that you can adjust along with a description

  • Description
    • This is the smaller text which appears near the top of the page. This section does support images (including gifs).
  • Title
    • The bigger text near the top of the page.
  • Background Color
    • When you aren't using a custom background the webpage will use the colours that you supply here instead. These colours will be displayed in a radial gradient manner.
  • Leader Board
    • This will display a league table of sorts for donations/tips that you receive
    • Available Options: No, Yes - Last 30 Days, Yes - Current Month.
    • This will only appear if you are using template 1
  • Currency
    • Select which currency you want the donations to be made in.
  • Paypal Email
    • The PayPal e-mail address that you are using to accept tips/donations
    • IMPORTANT Make sure that this is correct otherwise you will not receive any of the donations/tips that your viewers send towards you.
  • Banner
    • Sets an image that you can use as your banner.
    • This will appear in the area above your title.
    • This will only appear if you are using template 1.
  • Background
    • You can use this to set a custom background.
    • For best results, make sure that it is easily repeatable.
    • You can use gifs for your background. Use this information as you will.
  • Payment Type
    • Select your preferred word that you use when referring to money received from viewers.
    • Available Options: Donations, Gift, Tips, Contributions
  • Minimum
    • Set a minimum amount of money that needs to be sent
    • We recommend leaving this at 1 but feel free to adjust this as needed.
  • Logo
    • The small circlar image that appears to the left of your title.
    • Any image that you supply will be cropped to ensure that it fits in the circle.
    • This will only appear if you are using template 1

Below are the 2 templates which are currently available to use. The one highlighted below is “Template 1”