As of version 0.12 DeepBot now allows for custom communication between custom web widgets and DeepBot. So advanced users can create their own widgets more freely!

Example Widget - Countdown

As an example, we have created a sample widget which is an onscreen countdown:

  • test=1 starts a test countdown with 15 seconds on load.
  • add=1 adds new countdown time to the existing timer if the existing timer is running.
  • hide=1 hides the countdown clock when it is not running.
  • name=default sets the name for this instance of the countdown. This allows running multiple countdowns with different names.

To trigger it use the custom command @customwebmsg@[countdown|default|0|30]. This basically says send a message to the widget countdown with the name default to start a countdown for 0 mins and 30 secs

If you want a command to run when the countdown is completed, you can add this to the Custom Widget Trigger in the command editor: custom.countdown.default (for example to play a sound or send a message to chat).

An example use case for this would be to : Trigger a countdown to do something for 5 mins using the twitch points redemptions or to have a subathon timer that is extended with each sub.

Please let us know what you think about this feature and feel free to share how you would use this feature with us on our discord.

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