DeepBot Points Extension

With DeepBot version we have launched a DeepBot Points extension on Twitch for VIP users.

This allows your users to check their points, rank, hours watched, VIP status and custom user info at a glance using the extension and prevent chat spam!

Install the extension on twitch:

Then configure the extension:

Please note, this extension comes with an API quota of how many users can refresh their stats every day. By default all VIP DeepBot users get a quota of 2000 requests / day. So please set the cooldown time between refreshes appropriately for your userbase to stay within this quota. If you need to purchase additional quota for your channel, please reach out to expertsonline on our discord @

You can see your API usage in the config panel below the extension config.

Once configured, new users will be requested to grant the extension permission to view their username as below:

Once they give access, they should be able to refresh their stats without any chat spam based on the cooldown you have set.

To block chat spam from point checking, you can add the points check command as a blocked term on Twitch in your chat. This will prevent users from sending that to chat! To do this, go to the mod dashboard, on the bottom right, under channel actions you should see blocked terms, where you can add your point check command.

Please feel free to try out the extension and we look forward to your feedback on our discord @

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