Deepbot Spinning Wheel

People love spinning wheels. You only have to look to game shows (Shoutout to Wheel of Fortune) for their popularity. With this custom minigame you can set up to 24 different options for the spin to end up on.

Common examples of what this wheel could be used for include a winning spin for a viewer that has claimed a Twitch channel reward. Another game specific example would be a survival perk wheel for Dead by Daylight. Customise to your heart's content!

Please Note: What is described assumes that the wheel will be used for adding (or removing) points automatically from a viewer that spins the wheel. For uses described above (Survivor Perk Wheel) this will need to be customised further. A guide will be created on how to do this at a later date.

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  1. Import the following command into Deepbot: Wheel Command
  2. Add a browser source to your preferred streaming software of choice, ensuring that the following is true;

Command: !spin <power [1/2/3]>
Example Usage: !spin 2 Default Cooldown: 120 Seconds
Lowest Cooldown: 30 Seconds (To Allow For Wheel to run and fade away)

Executing the command will cause the wheel to spin a set number of times, depending on the number passed after the command. The values that this can be set to are described in the following table.

Selected Power Number of Spins
1 5 Spins
2 (Default) 10 Spins
3 15 Spins

If the number is omited from this or another number/letter is used the command will default to 2 (10 spins). Should the wheel land on a number the amount of points will automatically be added to the viewer's point total. Cooldown of 120 seconds. Lowest this can be is 30 to allow the wheel to reset fully.

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