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Drag Race

Drag Race allows users to bet on a car that races 7 other cars. You can only change the name of the race track and set a cooldown between races.

CLR Browser for Drag Race: (Note: You will need at least 2 Entries to have the Drag Race appear in the CLR Browser)

The command to start drag race is:

  • !dragrace [type] [x] [y] : Command to start/enter a drag race. Type can be “win”, “top2” or “top3” as detailed below. Choose wisely! [x] is the amount of points to bet and [y] is a number between 1-8 for the car you are betting on.
    • “win” means you are betting that the car you picked will come first. This is risky but has a huge payoff!
    • “top2” means you are betting that the car you picked will come first or second. Better odds with a lower payoff.
    • “top3” means you are betting that the car you picked will come first, second or third. Much better odds with an even lower payoff.

Should the car the viewer bets on win the race, the following details the payouts they should expect to receive from their original bet:

  • “win” - 7x original bet (100 becomes 700)
  • “top2” - 3x original bet (100 becomes 300)
  • “top3” - 2x original bet (100 becomes 200)

Other Details

When the race begins, there is a 20% chance that one car will break down at the starting line. This will be indicated in the browser source by that car turning grey. If you placed a bet on this particular car then I'm afraid automotive advances have let you down.

Overall, with all factors considered the chance for a particular car to win remains at 12.5%


  • !dragrace win 100 6 - This one will bet 100 points that car 6 wins the race.
  • !dragrace top2 50 2 - This one will bet 50 points that car 2 will take either 1st place or 2nd place in the race.
  • !dragrace top3 25 8 - This one will bet 25 points that car 8 will take either 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place in the race.