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 ====== Guessing Game ====== ====== Guessing Game ======
 +The Guessing Game allows users to guess a number between 1-100 (these numbers can be changed of course.)
 +Command to Start Mini-Game: (Note: You must have a preset already saved for this command to work.)
 +  * !startguessinggame [preset name] : A command for mods to start the guessing game. (e.g. !startguessinggame [preset name].)
 +  * Note: If you add new presets, you must disable and re-enable the game for new changes to take effect.
 +What you can do:
 +  * Change The Entry Command and how long each game lasts.
 +  * Set who can participate in the mini-game.
 +  * Set the Win amount per user class level.
 +  * Customize The Activation, Cancel, Time, and Winner Messages.
 +  * Make multiple profiles for a variety of different answers.
 +  * You can have one winner or multiple winners.
 +  * Set how many times the user can retry.
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