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There is one link you will need for all Image-Only Widgets, and I will show you how to customize the link so it works with your widget:

I will explain each variable after the “?” in

  • dur=5 - This means how long, in seconds, do you want the widget to pop up for.
  • test=1 - This is to test the widget without doing the command, I recommend removing it.
  • panel=img - This is where you will put the widget name where “img” is. (E.g. panel=widget1)
  • w=500 - Is the width of the image.
  • h=500 - Is the height of the image.

1. First off, we need to make a new command for the widget.

  • A. Input the command that will trigger the widget. (E.g. !widgettest)
  • B. We will now move down to “On Screen Widget” section on the lower half of the left side.
  • C. Input a “Widget Name”. Note: You will need this name for when you put it in the URL. (E.g. panel=WidgetNameGoesHere)
  • D. Leave Title and Message Blank.
  • E. In Direct URL to the Image in the “Image” Box. (E.g. )

2. Now to fill out the URL with the Command Inforomation.

  • A. Put the duration you want in seconds in the “dur=” part. (E.g. dur=5)
  • B. Take the widget name and put it in “panel=” (E.g. panel=WidgetNameGoesHere)
  • C. Then put the dimensions of the image into the “w=” and “h=”. (E.g. w=320 and h=278)

- Final Product:

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