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Importing and Exporting Commands

This feature allows users to share commands with ease.

1. Importing a Command

  • A. Go to “Channel Commands” Tab
  • B. Right Click in the Commands Box
  • C. Select “Import Command” Option
  • D. Paste the JSON Code from the command you want imported into the Box Provided
  • E. Click “Okay”
  • F. A Warning will popup. Click “Yes”
  • G. You have now imported a command or commands.

1. Exporting a Command or Commands

  • A. Go to “Channel Commands” Tab
  • B. Select a Command or Commands using the highlighting/check boxes next to them.
  • C. Right Click any of the selected Commands.
  • D. Select “Export Command” Option.

  • E. The Commands will be copied to your clipboard.
  • E. Now use Keys “Ctrl + V” to paste the command where you want (Example: Notepad or Or you can right click Paste.