This feature allows users to edit the default bot output to another language or customise the output to their liking.

  • All localisable strings are located in the Localisation directory within the DeepBot install directory. (The default location of your Deepbot folder is “C:\DeepBot - Twitch Streamer Assistant”)
  • Please do not edit the default lang-default.json file in this directory as this will be overwritten back to the default with each DeepBot update.
  • Instead create a lang-user.json file in the same directory and only copy the keys from lang-default that you would like to change.
  • The bot first loads teh lang-default file, and then loads the overrides from the lang-user.json file. So you don't need to copy keys to the user file if you do not wish to change them.
  • Once done editing, please restart DeepBot for the changes to take effect.
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