Below will explain each of the options available in the general tab found in the master settings. Some will be incredibly obvious, others will not.

  • Auto Connect Bot On Launch

Having this option enabled will connect the bot as soon as it goes through its initial load sequence. If this was disabled you would have to manually connect the bot each time.

  • Auto Connect Streamer Account On Launch

Same as above but with your main Twitch account instead (If you choose to fill this information in).

  • Auto Start Points Timer On Connect

Same as above but enables the points timer when Deepbot is loaded.

  • Only Issue Points To Viewers Active In The Chat In The Last [x] Mins

When this is enable it restricts viewers ability to earn your stream currency only to when they contribute to the stream chat. This option was introduced to prevent lurkers from earning points while not really doing much to engage with you (For example, lurkers who only join your stream to earn enough currency to enter a raffle).

  • Activate Points Multiplier For Viewers Active In Chat In The Last [x] Mins

When activated allows you to reward those groups that are actively engaging in your chat with a bonus multiplier. This is an additive multiplier. For example if the viewer gets 100 points normally and they gain 10% more for being a VIP Bronze plus an additional 10% for being active in the chat, they would gain 120 points ( 100 + 10% (10) + 10% (10) ).

Setting the values in these boxes to less than 1.0 will instead punish the viewer by taking away points.

  • Only Allow Points To Be Checked On Bot Chat

This will prevent your currency command from working in your channel. If a viewer wants to see the amount of points they have gained in your channel they will have to open your bot's twitch page and use the command in there instead. This option is useful if you have a busy chat and want to reduce the amount of spam that is in your channel.

  • Points Can Only Be Checked Once Every [x] secs

Basically prevents spammy use of your currency command. This is a global cooldown for all viewers that want to check their current point number so don't set this too high.

  • Default Points Mode/String

This is the message that will be displayed when a viewer runs your currency command. The options presented in the modes provide a template for the message that will be sent.

  • Plain = @user@ - @points@
  • Ranks = @user@ [@rank@] - @points@
  • Hours = @user@ [@hours@ Hrs] - @points@
  • Class = @user@ [@class@] - @points@
  • Custom = Your own custom message

If you decide to use a custom message you can make use of all the variables that are listed below.

  • @user@ = The user requesting the currency check
  • @rank@ = The current rank of the user. Ranks can be found in the “User Ranks” portion of the master settings
  • @hours@ = The hours the viewers has been in the stream for
  • @class@ = The VIP class the viewer is a part of. By default: [Viewers, VIP Bronze, VIP Silver, VIP Gold, Mod, Streamer]
  • @points@ = The amount of points the viewer has.
  • Send Points As

Sets how the currency message should be sent to the viewer that requested it. The options are as follows;

  • Normal Message = Non-Coloured Text
  • Action (/me) = Coloured Text (Same colour as the /color you have the bot account set in Twitch)
  • Whisper = Send via a private message to the viewer. Note they need to have this functionality enabled in Twitch to be able to receive the message
  • Users Start With [x] Points

When a viewer is recorded in the user database (Not when they follow the stream. A separate bonus can be applied there) it will start them off with the specified number of currency to play around with. This is a one-time bonus unless they are removed from the User Database and return to the stream.

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