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Note: This guide is outdated. The following guide applies to V4 of the websocket, which is supported in Deepbot versions below For Deepbot and above, the guide is roughly the same except server port needs to be 4455, as well as some differences in defining a source in another scene (Scene||Source) This guide will be updated in due course. Thank you Dante557

OBS Studio Remote

The OBS Remote was a very popular feature of OBS Classic, and a large number of DeepBot users have claimed that lack of OBS Remote support on OBS Studio is the primary reason for them not moving to OBS Studio, which in several other areas is an excellent upgrade to the platform. As we did not find any evidence of the existing OBS Remote being updated for OBS Studio in the near future, we embarked on an exercise to see if we could offer this functionality to DeepBot users in some other way.

1. Once you have installed the Websocket Plugin above, go to OBS Studio.

  • A. Click on “Tools” at the top.
  • B. Click on Websocket Server Settings.

2. Check the box labeled “Enable authentication”

  • A. For Password, enter whatever password you want. You just need to remember this for later. For this Example, we will be using “password”.

3. Go to Deepbot.

  • A. Go to Config Tab
  • B. Go to Master Settings
  • C. Scroll about half way down to OBS Remote IP Section.
  • D. For IP if you stream and host Deepbot from the same PC, put
  • If you have Deepbot on one PC and Stream/Game from another PC, you will put the Local IPv4 of the computer with OBS Studio on it in there.
  • E. For Password, put the password we set in OBS Studio. In this example, I put “password”.
  • F. Check the box labeled “OBS Studio?”

4. Congrats you have now setup OBS Remote with Studio.

  • A. To test it, make a command and use the OBS Remote Part of the Command editor to Enable/Disable Sources or Change Scenes. Note: Scene/Sources name must match exactly as they are in Studio and are Case Sensitive.