Point Import

In V0.11.4.0 the ability to import currency from other bot solutions was added. Before this version the only way to get currency across from other bots was to e-mail the currency file for conversion. This guide will walk you through the process of the points import process as well as, if possible, the method of extracting points from other common bot solutions

  • Deepbot V0.11.4.0 and above
  • Text Editor

  1. The method in which you extract the points in your current bot solution is different depending on what you are currently using. You may also not be able to export the points at all. For the solutions that we are aware of please go to the Additional Information section of this guide for how to export from the different bots
  2. With the points extracted open your text editor of choice. The preferred option for editing would be Excel/LibreOffice Calc for easier editing of .csv files
  3. Ensure that each line in the file is in the following format: Username, Points, Minutes Watched
  4. Load Deepbot and go to the “User Database” tab.
  5. Right click and select “Import User Points”
  6. Select the .csv file that has been created and click OK.
  7. A prompt should now show stating that the import was successful. You can double confirm this by searching for the user's imported and seeing if the points .

  • Important: The importing process will overwrite any records containing the same username. As such it may be wise to double check in the Deepbot user database if you are not using a fresh copy to make sure that already earned points/hours are not overwritten.
  • If the Points or Minutes Watched (or both) is missing this will be entered as 0 in the user database.
  • The points must not contain any separators and must be one continuous number
  • The below links are for guides on how to extract points from the different bot solutions available. As more are known more will be added to this guide
  • Open Ankhbot/Streamlabs Chatbot
  • Click “Connections” in the bottom left corner (symbol of a person)
  • Click “Cloud”
  • Click “Pick Folder”
  • Choose a location to save your backup files to
  • Click “Save” when you have chosen a folder
  • Click “Save Settings” to confirm your choice
  • Click “Export Currency CSV” to save your Points
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