Restore Deepbot from a Backup

This is meant for a user to restore a local backup from their PC. If you need a Cloud Backup (VIP Exclusive), you will need to Email ExpertsOnline at Let him know your Twitch Name, Bot Name, and that you need a Cloud Backup.

Close Deepbot before proceeding, otherwise the process will not work.

1. BackupManager.exe

  • A. Navigate to the Deepbot Folder (Usually Located: C:\DeepBot - Twitch Streamer Assistant )
  • B. Find “BackupManager.exe” or “BackupManager”
  • C. Run the Application
  • D. Explanation of the Files:
    • Chanmsnconfig.bin: This file contains all channel messages.
    • Users.bin: Contains all your userdatabase/points data for users.
    • Usersconfig.bin: Contains all your settings for deepbot.
  • E. Open up Deepbot and you should have everything back that you needed.
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