Stream Poll

You can allow viewers to vote on an option in your stream.


  • Vote Cost - Allows you set how many points 1 vote costs.
  • Target Win Votes - Allows you to set how many votes are needed for an option to win.
  • Target Total Votes - Allow you to set how many total votes the overall poll can have.
  • Allow Switching Votes - Allows users to switch votes.
  • Max Votes Per Viewer - Allows you to set how many times a viewer can vote.
  • Allow Multiple Votes - Allows viewers to vote for as many options that are set until Max Votes per Viewer limit is hit.
  • Timer - The Timer allows you to set when the poll will automatically close.


  • If you want to save preset/profile for poll. Fill out the poll with everything (Including Settings) you want. Then Next to Start Button > Click Pencil Icon > Save Current.
  • Max time that can be set for the timer is: 23:59:59.
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