Tipeee Stream Integration Setup

This will allow Deepbot to grab donations through TipeeeStream and allow you to get notifications and reward the viewer with VIP/Points.

1. Go the the following LINK and click on the Twitch Icon at the top right of the webpage.

2. Once you have logged into TipeeeStream, you will see a side bar on the left side. Scroll down and Look for API.

3. You will see your API Key here. Go ahead and Copy it.

4. Navigate to your DeepBot application.

  • A. In “Master Settings (On the Config Tab) > Integrations”, find the section named “TipeeeStream”.
  • B. Paste the API Key into the API Key box provided.
  • C. Press the “Validate” button to verify you entered the token correctly and the box should become green.
  • D. Make sure “Yes” option next to Enabled is selected.

5. Congratulations! Deepbot is now connected to TipeeeStream! You can setup what viewers receive from the “Donation Notification Options” on the Config Tab of Deepbot.

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