Two PC Setup Guide For Deepbot

This Feature allows you to host Deepbot on a separate PC, and still receive notifications/listen to music/etc on your Gaming/Streaming PC.

Note: You will/may need to port forward port “3337” to your PC hosting Deepbot. (You may need to add a rule/exception to Windows Firewall)

1. You will need the IP of the PC hosting Deepbot on it.

  • If Both Computers are on the same network (meaning they are both connected to the same router/modem), you will need the IPv4/Local Network IP.
    • Example: IP Usually starts with: “192.168.0” (Can vary from modem/router to modem/router)
    • You can find the Local IP/IPv4, by hitting “Windows + R” Keys > Type In “CMD” > Click Okay or “Enter” > Type “IPConfig” > Look for “IPv4 Address”.
  • If both computers aren't on the same network, you will need the actual IP of the computer which deepbot is being hosted.
    • Example: IP can be anything. Example:,, etc.
    • You can find the IP by going to one of these sites: or

2. Plug the IP into the URL

3. Cheat Sheet of URLs

4. Notification Sounds

  • A. Download the Application onto your Streaming/Gaming PC: Here (A very lightweight tool)
  • B. Extract the Contents of the ZIP File into a Folder
  • C. Run “NotificationSounds.exe”
  • D. Enter the IP on the computer with Deepbot on it.
  • E. Then browse and select the sounds you want to use for each of the the notifications.
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