Viewer Queues

Allow viewers to join a Queue System. (Examples Queues are used for: Parties, Runs, Viewer Requested Levels, etc.) \\Note: You cannot create a Queue with Max Length set to 0.


  • Queue Keyword - The command they need to type to enter the Queue. Example !queue1
    • Note: The user can enter a “Note” at the end of the command. If doing Queues for parties, you can tell viewers to type their IGN after the command. (Note: Spaces cannot be included in Note Part.) Bad Example: !queue1 Experts Online. Good Example: !queue1 ExpertsOnline
  • Queue Title - Set a Title for the Queue to inform users what kind of Queue it is.
  • Entry Restrictions - Set so only a certain group of viewers can join.
  • Entry Cost - Set how many points it costs to join the Queue.
  • Max Length - Set how many users can join/be in the Queue. (Note: This must be set to something greater than 0.)
  • On Draw - You can set how it posts the message when a user is selected.


  • You can have two Queues going at the same time. (This is good for viewers who may donated or subbed to you, they can have their own queue.)
  • Users can Check their Queue Position and how long they have waited by typing !<QueueNameHere> if they are already in the Queue.
  • When you Draw a Viewer it will display their note and any of the Info Sections filled out in the User's profile. (User Database Tab > Right Click User > Edit User > Bottom Sections Label Info 1, 2, and 3.)
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