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VIP Features

Note: When you initally purchase the beta licence for the first time you will be provided 1 month of these features

DeepBot VIP represents streamers that have subscribed for $5 or more to the DeepBot project during the last 30 days.
To recognize the continued support from these streams, certain DeepBot features are exclusively available only to these subscribers.
If you wish to become a DeepBot VIP subscriber you can click the following link to subscribe:

DeepBot VIP subscribers can be identified by a gold, silver, or bronze star on top of the DeepBot program window. Hovering over the star will display the date your VIP subscription expires. Any payment made in excess of $5 would extend that expiry date by another month.

The following details the exclusive features that are available to these subscribers;

  • Cheer notifications (Setup instructions: Here)
  • Donation notifications (Setup instructions: Here)
  • Follower notifications (Setup instructions: Here)
  • Sub notifications (Setup instructions: Here)
  • Access to the Drag Race stream game
  • Automated Hosting Manager to automatically host your favorite streams when they are online
  • Betting and Poll auto fill managers
  • Command chaining (link numerous commands together to create sophisticated events)
  • CommandCLI.exe file that allows you to run bot commands through the command line (run commands through other programs, such as Voice Attack)
  • Commercial manager for partnered streams
  • Create custom points response formats
  • Customizable guessing game with the ability to save and load templates. Let your imagination go wild!
  • Custom API support for the command module to get parts of a JSON object (e.g. Title for @target@[1] is @customjsonapi@[[1],status])
  • Custom join messages for users
  • Custom viewer ranks
  • Daily Cloud database backup of user data
  • Donation, sub, and follow targets tracking
  • Follow dates shown in the user database
  • Full customization for the Bank Heist minigame
  • Multiple random responses for channel commands
  • Notification dashboard (replay notifications, set the bot to automatically reward viewers with points for following, subscribing, and/or donating, etc.)
  • OBS Chat overlay with the option to filter out bot commands (setup instructions:
  • OBS Classic/Studio remote integration (allows you to use custom commands to control OBS sources)
  • On-screen commands widget (display info messages on stream in response to chat commands)
  • Option to enable requesting of songs by name instead of YouTube links
  • Save and read data to and from text files in chat using the command module (@savefile@, @savelog@, @readfile@)
  • Song list uploaded to (non-VIP users' song lists are uploaded to Pastebin)
  • Twitch Cheer notifications
  • Weather integration to display the weather for the location specified
  • Whisper integration (allow users to interact with your bot through whispers and reduce chat spam!)
  • Whispers messaging into the main chat! You can also respond to whispers from within DeepBot by simply using /r (i.e. /r for most recent whisper name and /w username is for a specific user)

Certain custom commands variables that you can use in your custom commands have been made exclusive for DeepBot VIP subscribers. For the full list of these variables please refer to the following link: Custom Command Variables

The list of VIP exclusive variables, along with other variables that you can use in your custom commands, can be found here: VIP Exclusive Command Variables